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About My Business

My name is Jennie, the face behind CTL Designs, well and my husband
when he feels like it. I have the most amazing husband of 5 years and he does help behind the
scenes at times. I also am blessed with two step sons that are 15 and 12, and love them to
pieces. I named my business after my three wild but wonderful and SO CUTE pups. Charlie- 5
year old jack russell, Tank- 3 year old boxer, and Lola, the princess- 3 year old jack Russell who
thinks she runs the house. They are my entire world, and truly changed my life.
I have struggled with severe anxiety/panic disorder with mild depression for many
years, so mental health is extremely important to me. My pups and husband have kept me
smiling throughout the tough times. When I was going through my darkest time in life I knew I
needed a hobby or something to keep my mind off of life sometimes because I was on a leave
of absence from work at my corporate job at the time. I bought a silhouette about 4 years ago
and messed around a bit and then it sat in my closet for a while. One day I decided to try the
app procreate and quickly found out I absolutely love creating designs, or just doodling. I then
thought to myself hmmm, I could tie this into my silhouette and make cool things! I then
decided I wanted to do all of the things and got into sublimation and screen printing. The
sublimation designs on here are not ones I created or the screen prints but some of the vinyl
designs for the cups I have designed and I absolutely love doing this. This is currently what I am
doing full time and feel so blessed, thanks to each and every one of you.
I am so thankful I found my passion and purpose. I know you will enjoy all of the
products as much as I do! Every single product is made to order and with so much love and joy.
I do purchase high quality apparel and always include care instructions. It means the world to
me when you shop my small business and it also helps me support my little family.